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The States of Sex Ed Guides
& Conversation Cards


Graphic Design

Art Direction


Brand identity created by The Couch

Copy by Dee Stacey

Blume is a skincare and feminine hygiene brand designed for teens and young adults. As part of their back-to-school campaign, Blume introduced The States of Sex Ed, a website that provides free, downloadable sex education guides to anyone seeking them.

Guides & Merchandise

As the designer for Blume’s The States of Sex Ed guides and accompanying Conversation Cards, I worked closely with a sex educator and illustrator to bring the vision to life. The goal of this project was to make these new materials feel like a natural extension of the existing Blume brand identity. I did this by maintaining consistency in type and imagery, but introduced an extended color palette.
The Conversation Cards were introduced alongside The States of Sex Ed guides. They are a physical card deck of easy and educational conversation prompts for parent and child, educator and student, or peer to peer. The layout and color scheme tie in directly with the guides to form a cohesive, branded package for the campaign.

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