The Start of Something

This spring I volunteered to work as an evaluator for a program called the “Rising Star Awards,” a high school musical competition in New Jersey. My job was to see six high school musicals and then review them based on overall quality and the talent of the students. Sitting in the audience, I realized I was nearly a decade older than the performers. It was the first time I felt like a real, live adult.

Madeline’s breakout role this year was as the Grown Up in the hit drama, “Her Life As She Knows It.”

I began to reflect on my progression from high school to the present and realized that one of the hard parts about becoming an adult is learning how to structure life in a way that feels meaningful. Growing up, I was lucky and had the opportunity to explore hobbies that interested me (theater being one of them). Days in school were centered around expanding one’s mind, point of view and passions.

The idea of having the time and structure to commit to learning opportunities and creative projects feels like such a luxury now. Everyday I think to myself…
I would love to sit in a library and read the classic poetry I’ve never had the chance to read.
I wish I could travel more.
I have so many art supplies, but I never make anything with them.

The argument could be made that, with time management and focus, it’s possible to pursue passion projects, explore the world and broaden our minds in addition to working our day jobs. But, it is a real struggle to cut through the constant noise to find this focus, and to know where to best place it once it’s found.

So, I decided to set up this blog as an outlet for self-exploration as I attempt to navigate adulthood. I think having a dedicated space for my thoughts, ideas, questions, doodles, notes, lists, hopes, dreams, failures, lessons, etc, etc will provide a framework for figuring out all the rest. While I may never sport a red tutu again, I would love to reconnect with the inner 6 year old in that photo: approaching the world with a sense of joy and wonder, thrilled by infinite possibilities.

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