X of Wands

X of Wands

X of Wands Branding

Client: Dan Raiani | Role: Ideation, Branding, Print, Web & Social Design

BACKGROUND: X of Wands is a solo music project launched by bassist Dan Raiani. Dan was looking for a full rebrand of his current music persona. He wanted the new brand to feel modern and easily recognizable to his growing audience, whether they discovered X of Wands on the streets of New York where he often plays or online where he frequently posts his music.

Brand Guidelines

CONCEPT: The concept for X of Wands was inspired by the smallest and largest parts of our natural world that bring magic, mystery and energy into our lives. It draws influence from grids, tesselations, mathematical patterns, microscopic images and scientific drawings. It is a marriage of the rational mind with the creative spirit, communicating that X of Wands is the perfect union between technical skill, raw talent and unbridled creativity. I created a modern and adaptable brand mark that could be used across many different platforms and mediums. I wanted the brand to seamlessly transfer from a website to a t-shirt, from a business card to a post on Instagram.


Business Cards & Poster

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