Hi there, I’m Madeline.

Freelance Graphic Designer + Project Manager // Brooklyn, NY

I organize my ideas through lists. Here is a list of things I want you to know about me:

  • I love knowing that I can help bring a clients’ ideas to life. Hearing the phrase “I have a problem” and knowing 15 different ways to fix it is one of my favorite feelings and the reason I pursue the work that I do.
  • I am a graphic designer, but I’m a lot of other things too: a writer, a dancer, a critical thinker, a chef, an amateur illustrator, a lover of prints, patterns and color.
  • I thrive when I’m collaborating with other creative people; I love working within a team.
  • I equate my skill-set to being a “swiss army knife” or jill-of-all-trades. I can do a little bit of everything: print design, web design, mobile app design, UI/UX research, video editing, project management, and CSS/HTML coding skills.

Let’s get to know each other! Feel free to send me an email.